Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The 'Racists,' Debate' and Talk Back Radio---'Talk To Me.'

The airwaves, or the Talk Back Radio hotspots are full of a certain debate today, about an event that occurred on Waiheke island a few days ago. A well known 'celebrity' uttered a comment that he no doubt put little thought into before it's tidal wave response from many sectors of the New Zealand public. I very much doubt that there is going to be much in the way of agreement, given the stance that 'all sides' have taken.

The 'Mad Butcher' (Kiwis, know who I mean) used language that reflects a certain sector in NZ society; the response to that, from another. Now, everyone and his/her dog is putting their 'bit in.' It has become ugly; it has become a watershed for some, whereby they want to take the 'utterer' to task. Others are rallying to his defence.

For its part, Talk Back Radio, is milking the issue for all it is worth---why?  That's simple---for ratings, for advertising revenue, because Talk Back radio is for entertainment and is carefully crafted to attract big advertisers. You can be sure that if a subject is garnering a large portion of the ever suffering public, then the revue increases exponentially.

The above debate is taking many twists and turns, further increasing the number of those listening and partaking in the debate. I take a cynical view that the real driver of the 'show' is the big dollar! The more entwined and outrageous the debate(s), the more the coffers are filled.

I used that feeling to inform me, re the writing of my latest book--'TALK TO ME.'
While I was writing this book, I often found myself getting angry as I 'lived' the attitudes and felt the emotions of the 'callers' into the fictitious radio station. I also found myself laughing uproariously, as I put pen to paper---oops fingers to keyboard.

In Talk To Me,  I am the talk back host; I listen and respond to the callers; Perdy (alias SPOT!) is my trusty friend and things go bump in the night. If you take my story too seriously, then I am not responsible for your reactions! Lighten up, or you will expend unnecessary emotional energy, that should be saved for the real underlying issue in NZ society. I could list them, but my other blogs should inform you re my feelings about THOSE! (for example, my other book---ROSKILL).

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Now---go and listen to talk back---if you dare!

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