Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Coastal 'hearing!' Seeing with your ears is great.

I walk often, more than 4 times a day, sometimes---be it along the beaches, up valleys with flowing brooks, on on wide open spaces, where perdy can let rip, chasing her ball and 'hopefully' returning to me.

Today, it was very different. I HEARD things, as I have not for quite some time. You see, Perdy tried to eat my hearing aid, some time ago and as a result, I have been suffering from'aural input deficit.' In pother words, I was becoming a deaf old bugger and a bit grumpy with it.

I decided, just before Christmas, to do something a bout my hearing loss. Friends, family and maybe clients were possibly getting a bit 'over' having to repeat themselves, so it was time to act.
My insurance company came to the rescue and in the process, I learned that dogs are 'a major threat to the existence' of hearing aids. They are attracted to the whistling sound and do their very best to expunge them from emitting that sound--the best way?---just eat them.

Today I had my first walk along the beach and near the trees over the road from my house. I was immediately 'bathed in sound, caressed by birdsong and massaged by the playful sound of running water.'

I observed Perdy casting glances towards my era---I k now that look. 'Thou shalt not goeth near it,' I said.
'Oh hell---just like the chooks, is it?' she implied, re that next look.

There is another interesting and perhaps excellent ramification of being able to hear: I can hear the cars and actually place other sounds in a 'directional mode.' That makes for distinguishing whether a voice is fomr a neighbour GOD! Not that I am aware of messages from the latter.

I guess the bottomline is that I feel more balanced. One forgets what it like having one ear, not performing as it should. I feel like I have stepped back in time---for all the right reasons. I don't feel SO OLD!

Don't get too cocky, dear readers, I shall still posts 'off the wall,' politically unPC and whatever the hell I feel like---posts! The COAST does that to ya.

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