Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The 'Coast' has an 'anger busting ' quality!

   I reckon I had a fair amount of anger in my previous 'city-bound life.' I was always angry at what I saw on TV, social media and about various social issues. Whilst my observations of the above still taunt me, I have somehow managed to put them in a place that is more manageable. I am still concerned about what is happening on the world stage and about the growing social unease in this beautiful country, made worse  by the increasingly dangerous gap between the rich and the poor/working poor.
   BUT---when I am walking along the beach with Perdy, dodging gulls as they take offence at the very presence of the aforementioned beast, I seem to 'go to another place.' I replace my angry thoughts with ones that seem to centre on, what's for dinner, choosing plants for the garden, flicking over colourful stones for polishing in the tumbler and wondering what to name the chooks! The 'real world' is somewhat modified, when you are removed from the craziness of Auckland house prices and ridiculous traffic.
   I know that I will collide with the events 'as seen on TV,' when I turn on the box, or hit upon a site, or read the opinions of my social media mates, or yes---turn on talk back radio! I also know that all it takes to garner strength, to return to a sense that it is possible to live a life that includes the link that exists between coping with the sadness that so many live with, the economic stresses that an increasing number of NZers now face and the realization that it is possible to live more simply! I wonder how much living in a 'big city,' because that is where the jobs are, friends, family, is a choice as much as it is a 'necessity.' The stresses of the latter--feed anger.  The 'Coast' nurtures 'hope and balance.'

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