Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's just a 'Coastal way of doing things!'

I never quite know what adventures lay ahead for me when I arise each morning. Sure there is an element of predictability re the 'bones' of my day; be it the first walk with Perdy and the gathering of little treasures from the shores and rivers that surround my humble abode. But---I can never be certain about who I am going to meet, who I am going to end up talking to for a few minutes that sometimes stretches to half an hour, where I parked the car, then forgetting where----maybe unimportant to busy friends in the city, however forming the basis for quite a high percentage of my time down here on the Coast. Of course, there are also the 'happenings of my own making, that leave me frustrated but eventually in a state of-- 'laughing at myself!
     Today, I managed a beauty! Upon completing a few errands after a gentle walk in the rain, I returned to my car and headed home, suddenly remembering I had the handyman coming to finish the job he had started yesterday. Everything had gone to plan and he was soon on his way. I bet you were thinking that he was going to tell me about an impending disaster---another sewerage leak, or a broken window, caused by passing trucks, or maybe an unusually high bill for his work. NO---none of the above. I actually went out again, to search out some more reading, as I have much more time for that wonderful pass time.
    This time, I returned home with two books from the library and a pie. Yeah, I know-----Friday is Pie Day, but I will be in Auckland---fixing another 'disaster'---my broken denture. Bugger---that's a regular occurrence. I rescued Perdy from the back seat, straining at the lead, seemingly quite happy to head inside. I reach into my pocket for the house key---I reach into the other one, then my 'man bag,' my pocket again---I empty the bag, I search the  car---I SWEAR---quite loudly--thank goodness my neighbour 'understands,' but there was no sign of her keeping tabs. Damn! Bugger and----you can add the others! LOST KEY SYNDROME! Don't laugh---it'a a serious condition, recognised by the American association of fuckwits! Trump supporters feature highly in the list of those afflicted.
    What to do?!
Option ONE:  Call Rio to bring the key from---AUCKLAND, as he is working there today.---NO!
Option TWO:  Call Rio to meet me half way, like Maramarua!---NO
Option THREE: Smash the fecking door down. NO---Be realistic---I don't have it in me and anger is  a negative emotion  in such situations.
Option FOUR:  Go back into Thames and find a locksmith---Yip That's what I decided to do---but where---ah I know---go to the real estate agent and see if he can help---ask JON!

    I parked, left Perdy to watch the car and yes---JON was there. He smiled when I asked him for a locksmith suggestion. 'Don't waste $90 on that,' he said. What---I expected at least  a couple of hundred dollars.  "Just go to (XXXXXXX---not sure if I should name them!) and they will sell you a key, as there are only about 5 possibilities====that's a lot cheaper than the other option.''
    A few minutes later, I was talking to the same guy who had helped me re a suggestion, aimed at a cheaper way of solving a smelly issue at home, from a few days ago. He GAVE me 12 keys and all he required was my name and address. OK--at this point my mind was buzzing. Surely not just anyone could receive the 'keys to the town.' NO---he KNEW me, from many of my visits to the place. TRUST is big down here. A short time later, I was trying the keys and it only needed three pokes at the lock and ---viola---it worked. I quickly wrapped the correct key in kitchen paper and returned to the 'place,' purchasing three keys and tabs. NEVER will I need to do this again as I carefully place them in places I will remember!

   Once again, the friendly folk from Thames and the Coast, saved me from myself. Damn---I love this place!

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