Sunday, July 31, 2016

The 'Coast' needs one to have spectacular teeth! OR---am I just getting old?

I thought that after today's magnificent slow cooked pork Sunday Lunch, that I would have a very light dinner. Remember for me, post bariatric surgery, 'light means light,' so dinner tonight should have been a quite small portion. I digress: Yesterday I purchased a multi-seed bread loaf. it was expensive----$8, for a very small loaf. he said---'keep it for a week, because it's quite moist.' OK, I thought---great. So---tonight i sliced two very small portions and spread them with left-over dip, then mushrooms sliced and a generous lump of Edam cheese. I grilled them for a few minutes on the oven and let them cool for a few minutes.It was like eating grilled BRICKS! Shite--thank goodness i didn't break my teeth or partial denture! Sure it tasted wonderful and was probably quite healthy, given the multitude of seeds in and ON the bread. I reckon the baker must have been trying to reproduce a Kiwi version of that solid German bread---Pumpernickel. Luckily, I did no damage and the evening shall go on without the need to seek out urgent dentistry, because I am buggered if I know what they do for that, down here on the Coast. Oh well---it all ended well, but I am not sure if I shall risk another adventure with the remainder of the loaf---hello Coastal birds---wanna feed?!

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