Thursday, August 18, 2016

A good nights sleep on the 'Coast' tames ones 'anger!'

Yesterday I was a mixture of a 'boring, bad mouthed, cantankerous old fart!'There's no way around that description; one that elicited all measures of calming statements from friends and some funny 'get backs!' Why----well I was trying to deal with an insurance claim, using a phone that ran out of juice, because i had to wait so long to speak to a person. I gave up and wnet to bed, hoping that if i planned my call in the morning right; meaning using Mum's old phone that is plugged into the wall, then I would be able to get through an expected marathon call.
    I set myself up, with a pad and pen, a long hot coffee and shut Perdy well away, in case she decided to 'nuttso' at he neighbour's cat across the road.' I made myself comfortable and did some 'deep breathing exercises---nah---I didn't do that. I was actually quite tense, expecting the worse! My finger pushed the buttons---no mistakes--anticipating a long wait listening to crackly and very bad music. There was going to be NO REPEAT of last night's fiasco with phones running out of juice and I promised I would not use the 'F' word unless severely provoked.

   OMG! I got through immediately, prompting me to mistakenly believe that they had 'prepared the way for me, knowing they had really pissed me off last night. Oh---come on---let me believe that! I was put through to the beautiful Tania at the ASB insurance call centre. She took me under her wing and there was not one cynical, bad worked, negative emotion exhibited from me, during the entire call! Why not?---Tania knew her stuff and she guided me though the first part of the claim and then exceeded my wildest dreams by informing me that my loyalty to the bank and the fact that there were no claims for many years, that I was entitled to some quite spectacular benefits.Suffice it to say, that the claim will go through without penalty, along with me adding my dentures and hearing aid damage to the list---all without losing any bonuses I had---all because i have been a loyal old fecker!

   To top it all off, I can also ring through directly and not go via that annoying call centre. I guess (as long as this all comes to fruition!) I will not be changing banks and insurance policies after all. Yes, I know there is no ASB in Thames, which is a pity, but if I can get this service replicated in other areas of their 'packages,' then I will be satisfied.

    What a difference 12 or so hours can make. I want to believe that things won't go to custard, but my hopes are high that things will go smoothly.. I can feel a nice feed of fish and chips served donw at the wharf, with my brother and Perdy of course, standing guard against the pesky seagulls!

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