Saturday, June 18, 2016

There's a few 'bugs' re living on the Coast!

Beautiful----idyllic----transforming---just a few words to describe living on the Thames Coast. Life is such that one puts on the fire, even if it's not particularly cold, because it seems to enhance the experience of---taking time. I find myself sitting in front of the fire, with Perdy snuggling up to me while we watch it grow, forming shapes and weird apparitions. I tell her fantastical stories and she obviously listens, because I see her twitching as she dreams later in the evening. I suspect those dreams are rather different from mine. The fire sometimes inspires blogs; failing that---it sends me to sleep. This morning, the fire place (it's a Kent) was bare, as we had swept it out and thrown the ashes onto the compost pile---it's OK---we only use 'untreated wood, , so no need for any of you to 'go off!' So, there I was, writing a few responses to messages online, when I noticed something in the periphery of my vision; something 'small and scuttly!' OH no---a bloody cockroach! That's all we need---a damned infestation of those little critters. Where the hell did that come form? Then 'rationale thoughts gently entered my inquiring mind.Just look out the front window--- there's a huge great expanse covering hundreds of square kilometres, just full of 'life,' as it has always existed. Why would the creatures feel constrained by human sensitivities to their presence? Then I remembered that dude form Holland--the 'Insect Man,' Rude (no he's not obnoxious---just clever---Rude is his name, even if I have not spelled it correctly---I like it that way) and I have often heard him explaining that these little cockroaches are harmless, they are not dirty and do not represent any issues for humans, so just eave the critters alone, they will find a way out. OK--that's fine. I know how they got into the lounge---they hitched a ride, along with the odd spider or two---on the wood we bring in from the garage. All we need now is a Weta or two. to complete our 'Critters' 'welcome to the Coast.' Perdy is still waiting, of course to meet her first RAT! I think she is feeling 'neglected.'

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