Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lazy afternoon in Thames.

Yeah, I could have given in to that mid-winter feeling and just stayed inside by the fire, reading or playing on my computer---or---just snoozing. But--the great outdoors and a bored Jack Russell demanded action of a different sort. So---it was in the car and up the coast to the beautiful bays and valleys, just north of Thames. We stopped at several beaches, where Rio took photos and Perdy accompanied me onto the sands and shells, sniffing and digging and doing her utmost to get me to let her off her lead. Sorry girl---you are still in 'off-leash Purgatory, after your last attempt at 'freedom running,' something akin to the ban on Freedom Camping in this area. We headed up a narrow road and came upon a meandering---not it was a gushing stream, with crystal clear, yet somewhat temperature challenged waters--great for a dog and clean enough to---drink? One never knows anymore re the streams and rivers of NZ! I imagined myself casting for trout, while Perdy did what she does best---she jumped in and buggered be the coolness---hey she's a dog! I made my wish to re-visit this magic place, complete with swimming shorts and a delectable packed lunch. Thee is so ,much to explore on this Jewell in the wilderness
. I shall----take my time---Thames style.

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