Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A guy with his Jack Russell--just sliding into Coastal time!

When I arrived at this idyllic place on the coast, it took me a while to change time zones; not the ones that you all recognize---no something more--from another time, but one that is not totally divorced from---now. Initially, I was a tad concerned that I would not fill my days and the there were the 'financial concerns--that I would not quite meet the demands re all the usual bills. Of course, I sorted them out by 'reducing' my perceived needs; taking away some of the old 'dependencies' and stripping spending back to basics, with the premise that I could always add 'needs' as and when they made their presence felt--within the budget. The one day a week returning to Auckland was the 'icing on the cake of additions!' Now---I feel like I have slipped into this new time zone; one that fits like an old slipper; that allows me to---take time. Ten minutes stretches into an hour, while Perdy patiently (yes that's a real move on her part!) waits while I chat to all the other dog walkers. Yes, in many ways, Perdy is instrumental in my settling in, being accepted. She 'breaks the ice, connects me with people; some even asking for my card! I never expected that to happen. I have already alluded to the change that has occurred, re the manner in which I approach my day---the actual day seems to matter less---it's more about letting the 'day take me wherever it wants.' Can a 'day do that?' I'm not sure, but I am ---OK. Yes, I came here to try to find a more gentle way of living. The health issues are still there, but I am 'riding with them,' not letting them control me. I get the feeling that Thames is going to be a journey that lets me participate in life in a way I never imagined. The Jack Russell seems to be making her way too.

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