Sunday, June 19, 2016

Solving NZ's 'problems.' Do it Thames-style,' whilst walking the dog!

We don't need politicians, we don't need big business, we don't even need the UN, all there to resolve the issues facing New Zealand---and the world. The above can go take a great leap---into the Firth of Thames, where they can converse with the 'sea-creatures!' Maybe they will get a better hearing and sound way less 'fishy' than they do 'on-land!' I propose a more creative solution---call in the 'Thames Dog walkers!' It seems that every morning, I meet up with this group of illustrious locals and sure, I forget their names, but remember the canine 'attendees,' which was something I noticed down at the Bay in Auckland. There is a particular spot, where two pathways intersect, near a retirement village in Thames, along the coastal walkway, where all the action occurs. (Some say--cycle way---but that's another issue!) Most of the 'discussees,' are ageing ---or----ancient! I feel the presence of many stories and I can almost certainly predict that some of their stories will feature on this blog in the near future. The collective wisdom and that special mix of cynicism and up-front honesty, combined with a tolerance that I did not expect to feature re my new place, leads me to believe that I shall soon have an accurate handle on how things work down here, in Thames. Extrapolate that out to the bigger picture of New Zealand and the issues we face, and hey----these people have the answers. Yeah, I know, such 'meetings of great minds,' exist in all places--hell---even in Auckland, once the ' natives' battle their way through permanent gridlock, just to go to the dairy!I remain hopeful that when people take the time, to meet, to talk, to share ideas in a non hurried open way, then anything is possible. I am still serving my 'apprenticeship,' re my new place, and without a doubt, I shall be informed when my opinions are 'part of the whole!' I don't mind waiting, as my new friends share their stories. Damn---where has the morning gone?!

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