Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump throws out his toys---he didn't get his own way!

Given the childish reactions we have seen from Trump so far, I feel for the USA as it heads towards the final countdown. If for some reason he 'trumps' the opposition; that is Sanders or Clinton, then we ALL need to be very worried. Sure he says stuff that many Americans can relate to, but think a bit more deeply my American friends (not the ones I talk to on FB, of course---they are very well informed!)before you cast your votes later in the year--because by electing this fool, you are going to become far more than a 'laughing stock!' His unfortunate personality is such that 'important' issues become enmeshed in a sideshow that is ALL ABOUT 'HIS' EGO. Does the USA really need a President who represents this darker side of humanity? Certainly the 'world' does not! One only needs to look back in history to be reminded where such pathways lead. Open your eyes, USA!

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