Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Saudi Royal family gives nearly $700 to the Malaysian PM!

OK, he gave back all but $60 million which takes him out of trouble. One wonders why the Saudis would give such huge amounts. I can think of no other incident whereby a rich country has attempted to give so much away to the head of a political party in another country. Why would this even be attempted other than to curry favour with the recipient? Is it because the corrupt Malaysian leader (who has since been cleared of all charges, in spite of the missing $60 million!) is being 'softened,' re his country becoming a future 'bolt hole' for the Saudi Royal family if things go belly up in the 'Sandy Kingdom?' Hell, now that the oil prices are so low and the alternate energy sources are gaining in popularity; perhaps the Saudi Royal family is less able to 'pay off' the opposition to its medieval rule. Oops, I forgot---they have made progress---do they not hold some esteemed position in the UN re championing 'human rights?!' What a fecked up world! In the meantime the Malaysian leader is innocent as charged. As we say in NZ---yeah right!

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