Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Palin and Trump===that would be a crazy flip of the cards!

I watched a clip of Palin endorsing Trump; mind you most of her 'screeched' words were about HER. I pondered for a while, whether the USA is Palin---oops stupid enough to elevate either of them or God forbid, a combination of the two to the top jobs! Surely not. Can you imagine them working through the issues that face the USA and the world? Can you envisage 'her' with the beaming Trump actually 'kicking arse re the ME?' OK, let's take a step back---to that clip. Did you not noticed the strange look on Trumps face? It almost said in that sexist manner he has so often exhibited, that he was not all that 'taken by her little charade.' There was a look that seemed to say---'STFU lady and go back to your kitchen in Alaska and sort out your own family---you know---the one that is transgressing re a few laws that most of us observe,' but them I realized that ANYTHING is possible in politics, be it in the USA, NZ ---if the populace does not take part in the process. Here is a prime example of what can go so horribly wrong when we bury our heads on the sand and let the likes of FOX News 'inform' us of what we should think!

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