Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Syria---what a bloody mess!

No one can convince me that Russia, the USA or any other nation actually gives a stuff about the Syrian people. NO----all of the above care only about how their involvement in this sad conflict can benefit them---or to be more precise the business groups within the said countries. Some of those transgress national boundaries. They are the 1% and they exists in all countries, superseding the powers of national governments. I am extremely cynical about the efforts of the UN to bring peace. That organization must first cut through the special interest groups who would gain by having influence in the country that was once called Syria. Convince me otherwise that the aforementioned nations can actually make a difference. Be it Obama, Putin, Merkel or any other 'world player,' the result will be the same: Syrians will keep suffering and the human tidd we are witnessing will only become a deluge, no matter what barriers are put in front of them. Rescue me from my cynicism! I shall thank you!

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