Friday, May 8, 2015

Help-------Israel has hit my blog again!

When I look at the 'stats' for my blog, for the day and see that there are 2700 hots from Israel, I just know that something 'seedy' is going on, much like the Dead Sae' rip-off agents, who NZ sent packing last year, type of situation. I am not that well informed about such matters but to put things in perspective, my blog usually has about 20 hits a day, sometimes more and often less. Most of the action for me is re my FB posts. What worries me is that someone will be doing things 'in my name,' and I have no idea how, where or what! I wold love some advice and help re this vexing and troubling issue. The bottom line?----if the hits were genuine, I would be seeing action re downloads for my book, ROSKILL. Well---that is not happening, so----get back to me, my 'real' friends!

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