Friday, May 8, 2015

Australia---is 'terrorism' getting closer to you?!

In the last two weeks we have seen young people in Australia becoming involved in the 'troubles' we normally associate with areas nearer to the Middle East. That young men are being influenced in a manner that has them planning attacks on policeman or attempting to (and succeeding in some cases) leave Australian shores to join the fight in Syria and Iraq, following their 'heroes' in the ISIS forces, is indeed worrying. I do not doubt for a moment that some of these 'teens' are being influenced by a combination of what they are 'tracking' online and by adhering to the words of some of the 'clerics' who reside in Australia. Sure there are 'new Australians' and their children who have not benefitted from the move from their homelands and there is an element of desperation, fed by the messages of those who would bring the 'holy war' to Australia. Australians do not take these actions lightly and the response from many Aussies is not one that is willing to listen to the 'grievances, real or imagined, expressed by spokes-persons for the former. Now we are seeing an increase in the 'attempts to terrorise and in the level of response from Australian police and other 'agencies.' Aussies do not take kindly to criticism of their 'Aussie ways.' This feeling will be exploited as politicians, mainly from the right, will use this as an excuse to bring in more draconian laws,' citing 'security' and 'freedom' as the justification for their actions. All Australians will be the losers for this. Somehow, I cannot see a meeting of minds over this and the scenes we have witnessed in the last few months are going to be more common. The war--far way, will continue to cast its influence on this great land---eventually spreading to its neighbour--'The Land of The 'Long white Cloud.' I want to be wrong!

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