Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nigeria battles Boko Haram!

Nigeria faces an almost impossible battle to try to stop the establishment of a Sharia Law based state in Northern Nigeria, if not the entire nation. The advocates of this ‘ideal,’ are the Boko Haram group who are prepared to use any method, including murder, genocide and kidnapping. They have struck fear into the inhabitants of the villages and cities, striking almost at will to achieve their goals. So far the Nigerian Government has been at a loss to reverse the tide of destruction and terror that BK inflicts on the nation. The Government has come in for much criticism re its inability to stop the group. This trend may be about to change. It appears that vigilante groups are allying themselves to the Government and are fighting back, using equally crude methods to fight the scourge that is BK. The villagers are arming themselves with basic weaponry, ranging from bush knives, agricultural implements right through to captured arms and they are taking it to BK. There is little organization at this stage but local Governors are now encouraging people to fight back. It is only when the people are behind the Government that things can change. Yes, Nigeria is not known for its ‘lack of corruption,’ but the alternative ‘state’ as espoused by BK is a massively negative choice. It is only when the majority of the population gets on board and follows through, identifying those aligned to BK and passing on information to the military that things will improve. Of course, even if BK are defeated, some of the reasons for their existence will still exist. The huge disparity in wealth distribution feeds directly into the establishment of groups like BK and ISIS. Unless real change occurs, politically and economically, there will always be dissidents fighting for change. When those groups use ‘religious extremism,’ combined with terrorism, then Governments will have little support. Nigeria has a narrow window of opportunity. If it wishes the people to support the Government, then that body must take a look at how it operates. The ‘look in the mirror,’ may not show them what they need to do, unless they open their eyes to the reality of life I Nigeria for the vast number of its people. BK can be defeated but it may also represent a Phoenix, ready to rise again at the ‘slightest invitation,’ one carrying the seeds of despair!

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