Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Problem' gamblers 'helped' by an industry that preys upon them---yeah right!

Who the hell came up with the bright idea that ‘problem’ gamblers would be identified by staff in bars, casinos etc. and be ‘helped by them,’ apparently by means of refusing them service? It seems that very few people have been stopped and offered help. The numbers are a joke. Well actually---no---it is an abysmal failure. How successive Governments could possibly believe that some sort of ‘self-policing’ in the gambling industry was going to help alleviate the issue of ‘problem gamblers,’ is just a figment of the bank manager’s imagination. Why on earth would an institution that relies on someone believing the impossible dream, come up with a procedure that limited the profits that such institutions make? It’s a no brainer. Would it not be like a vineyard telling people they should not buy their wine or a movie theatre saying to patrons that the movie was a sad one and that it might be better that the patrons not buy a ticket. Come on---let’s get real about the gambling problem and yes, offer help, but that should be offered by a third party having access to patrons---in the actual bar or casino. Can we see that happening any time soon? Maybe they could issue ‘gambling speeding tickets!’ So let’s be honest about this and approach the issue from a different angle. Start by closing down so many of the gaming lounges and insist on those that remain have robust interventions and those interventions triggered by trained people who can assist when needed. OK---who is going to fill that role and under what circumstances would the ‘trigger-point’ be reached.’ There needs to be much discussion around this, but we cannot continue to let those who are least able to, decide to accept help, continue to ruin their lives, while filling the pockets of the institutions that prey upon them, and worse, take away opportunities’ for their kids! It is going to take a very brave group of politicians who can stand up to the gambling industry and the masses who believe that---just one more turn of the wheel----- and their problems will be over!’ To use the words of our Dear Leader, ‘At the end of the day, gambling is just another form of ‘P!’ Yeah I know---I am taking liberties. Read about ‘P’ in my book Roskill and see how a family deals with issue of ‘P’ and how it threatens to destroy a family. Go to my website for a hard copy ( or just click on ( for a reader AP (Kindle) download.

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