Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I saw some black Rum so I baked a ---stuffed if I know!

I was in a mood---you know---couldn't sit still---didn't feel like sitting watching crap on TV, or playing too much online with FB---oops I am doing it now, but there is a reason! I had finished a FB posting about people Liking; Roskill, without knowing it was a bloody book! GRRRRRRR! OK---calm thyself beast within! There--that's better. Just baker one of the things ---a cake-biscuit or whatever it is that comes out of my head at these times. No recipe, just using what's around. In this case--Rum, organic Cacao, courtesy of my sister and of course vanilla extract--the real thing and sugar=r eggs and self rising flour. Oh and heaps of butter. I did what I normally do and mixed the hell out of them and then put the 'stuff in cupcake dishes--adding at the last minute a prune in each one. The kitchen is now filled the a heady mix of chocolaty rum something. Wow. Rest gentle beast within---you can eat them, soon.

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