Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Are books just a quaint thing of the past?

Sometimes I wonder if people read books anymore---my reason for thinking this? When I look at my 'Roskill' FB page and see the likes for Roskill---it seems that most of them are liking something that is 'not' the book. Then if I look at their profiles, it seems that many of them do not have any books on their 'Like list.' So sad eh. Is the love of reading, a thing of the past? So, if you love books, go to my FB 'Roskill' page and like it ---only if you like it though for the book that it represents. Better still, go to my website to see what Roskill is all about. Here 'endeth' my very scientific survey! www.authorneilcoleman.com OR go direct to http://www.amazon.com/dp/047325655X for a download to your reading AP

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