Saturday, October 25, 2014

Syria--a complicated mess with no winners!

Syria is an example of a 'failed state, one in which its leader makes war on his own people, in an attempt to stay in power, to keep the 'baubles' that he inherited from his father, to keep those who he sees as opposition in a permanent state of hopelessness. Then---throw in the various groups who aspire to take his position; some just as brutal as him and others far worse. A group espousing religion as their driving force but delivers brutality to anyone standing in their way, not only in Syria but the region as a whole, with an avowed aim of establishing an Islamic Caliphate, whatever that means in this day and age. Now bring in the influence of other major powers, both from within the region and from past colonial and post colonial times and the picture becomes even more fraught with 'impossibilities!' Some lay the blame for the current mess on past colonial machi8nations, but that is simplicity in itself. One only needs to go further back in history to see a picture of eternal struggle as various ethnic groups, often using religion as the 'flag bearer,' and more often exhibiting naked power to pursue their aims---that of unbridled power. In the middle, as always, it is the people who suffer. Now we have a region aflame as the 'players' enter and exit the stage, acting their part then pulling back as yet another 'character' seeks alliances with past 'performers.'On the edges of the 'main stage,' other 'actors' make a play, reluctantly at times, with other concerns driving their decision as to whether they should let their light shine. On a world stage, the question of who controls the resources of the region is an ever present but not always acknowledged force. It is extremely powerful, usually superseding any wishes of the people who inhabit the region. Is it any wonder therefore, when we have such forces colliding, those of the regions and its wannabe rulers and the desperate manoeuvrings of politicians and industrial/military complexes making their plans from afar, that the Middle East and Syria in particular are a cauldron of indifference to suffering and the failure of nation states to provide for their citizens?

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