Friday, October 24, 2014

Sons Of Orpheus is online now, chapter by chapter---free for a while.

Sons of Orpheus, by Neil Coleman, (ME!) will be online, chapter by chapter for a short time and then for a small payment you will be able to download it (maybe NZ$1 for two chapters). Sons of Orpheus is a massive novel set in the 1860s going through to the late 1880s. Whilst there historical events that are true, it is a novel that takes the reader to a time in NZ history that many would rather forget. SOO has in a rich tapestry of characters; one from Ireland, another from Indonesia. At times the storyline is ahead of its time and covers issues that were 'not talked about' in the 19th century. For then first instalment, go to my blog for the 24th Oct ,2014. I shall post the next chapter in few days, one the first one has more than 25 hits. I contemplated going through the process that costs so much re Roskill, but that is way too much, hence going down this pathway. If it takes off, I may consider releasing the whole book on Kindle and hard cop, but that depends on YOU! Enjoy the first instalment.

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