Tuesday, October 14, 2014

North Korea's Dear Leader--what's up mate!

The Democratic Peoples' Republic of North Korea, the Hidden Kingdom, the land of Dear Leaders and mad army bosses; the list could go on for ever, just like the family dynasty of The Kims would wish! Of course the problem is that the last one in the crazy line-up (each generation seems to be a little bit more loopy!)seems to have more than his share of health issues. Maybe the bloodline is failing and the character of the 'lineage' is slowly degrading, not that it was ever represented more than a bunch of power hungry despots. Just what has been happening to the current incumbent of the throne in NK? Where has the 'Dear Leader' been for the last month? Did he fall and hurt himself; that being enough to keep him from the public eye? Surely he wasn't shy about not being his former 'athletic' self? NO---it is something more sinister. There is probably a battle going on amongst the generals, as to who will be starting a new Dynasty' as the one in 'Puppet format' becomes increasingly farcical in nature. The rest o0f the world, particularly China, should take note of events in NK, and hope that an even more demented idiot doesn't get his hand nearer the nuclear button! OH---I know---let's have another one of those big 'parade days out' and show the world how much the people of NK love their Dear Leaders! Maybe China should take over and bring some balance to the peninsula because you can be sure the 'South' isn't too keen to absorb its Northern cousins.

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