Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola---is not just 'their' problem! Here's why.

So you smugly think that little old new Zealand is immune from the terrible effects of Ebola! It's over 'there,' you say. Surely we have nothing to worry about. Wrong on both counts. Firstly, given the figures that are coming out of West Africa and the ever increasing rate of infection and the possibly increasingly fatal consequences for those getting the affliction, then maths alone tells us that unless huge resources go into this crisis, then it is possible within two months there will be many many more victims. That alone poses questions about how this situation could rapidly spread to other vulnerable areas of the world. The UN is making some pretty serious 'noises' about how they see the crisis developing. We are beginning to realise the seriousness re people dying form Ebola and how it could well be in the march towards Asia and the rest of then world. At first we were hearing how the 'west' was better equipped to deal with any arrivals with Ebola, but once it actually gets out 'there,' all bets are off. We just don't understand the ramifications of Ebola arriving in our large so-called sophisticated health systems. Take for example of the pictures on our TV screens about the 'single room,' that the politicians showed us at Middlemore Hospital, in South Auckland. Sure, it was well equipped, but it IS ONE ROOM. What use would that be if we have multiple cases. WE ARER NOT PREPARED! - Now take the economic flow-on for this Ebola threat. If things get much worse, trade and travel are going to be severely affected. At what stage are Governments going to curtail 'contacts' in the hope of lessening the exposure to Ebola? NZ relies heavily on trade and especially tourism. If there is any drop off of tourist arrivals, then the affect will be immediate. As for other trade and financial activity that is not conducted on the 'net' then you can see what I am getting at. One would hope that the Government and other institutions are planning for the worst case scenario. Having one's head in the sand will not make it all go away and hope alone is not going to make the cut this time. Let's have an open discussion in New Zealand---NOW!

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