Thursday, October 16, 2014

The news just gets worse and worse re the Ebola crisis.

I am coming to the conclusion that the present Ebola crisis is one of those pivotal points in history. We have a situation that worsens by the day. Where previously we were told that there was little risk of the disease reaching the shores of so-called richer nations, we are now beginning to think that this has been wrong information. Modern travel and lax ‘practises’ have brought the disease back to those nations reaching out to help, albeit it in a small scale, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot rely on relying on the ‘best practise’ methods to keep people safe. It takes only a small lessening of procedures to bring about tragic results. One case can quickly be passed on to others; namely to those who are trying to help, but imagine what the situation is like on the ground. Desperate West African nations are at a loss as to how they can contain the spread of Ebola. If you live in the slums of the big cities, it is only a matter of time, before someone you know is struck down by this indiscriminate killer. Yes, we have been told that there are only certain ways in which one can be affected, but prevention is far more difficult when you don’t have access to the things we take for granted in more well off nations. Public health measure in poor countries is at best rudimentary and even with the help of richer nations, the isolating and treating of victims is becoming more hit and miss as the crisis worsens. Some leaders in those countries pouring in aid are beginning to realise the scope of this crisis, and rich individuals are donating huge sums of money---but---is it too late? Like most pandemics, this one will run its course, but what will it leave in its wake? Economies and populations will be decimated if the quantum increase in cases continues. How close are we to the point where civil order breaks down in West African countries and the disease spreads even further. The neighbouring countries must be spending many anxious moments wondering when they will be hit. Closing borders is a difficulty exercise and in an area where borders are at best, ‘porous,’ then one can appreciate the problem. While the events of the Middle East and Ukraine play out, the UN is side-tracked, when it should be putting massive amounts of aid into helping West Africa. While bombs rain down on the ISIS and rogue regimes hog the limelight, the stage is being set for an event that will dwarf the numbers killed and displaced by war and political infighting. When the ‘penny finally drops,’ perhaps we will see that we have unleashed a ‘monster’ of huge proportions, simply because our eyes were turned elsewhere. There are resources available, and if they are sent in the right direction, then maybe it is not too late to prevent a scenario one associates with times long gone in history. History does and always will repeat, unless we make a conscious effort to put in place measures that come from learning of past mistakes.

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