Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Snippets on a sunny day in Auckland, New Zealand.

Oh what a beautiful morning and, yes, it continued into the day. No fog, clouds (Yet!) or wind.The only clouds are th9ose you send you 'data' to. So what is grabbing the headlines, here and in the wider cruel world? 1) Israel and Hamas are not about to talk seriously about making peace. It seems that both parties are intent on trying to destroy one another in a war that neither can win. It is an unequal war but even so, Israel is using up its 'love -me' chips. For its part, Hamas too is not listening to Egyptian plans for a ceasefire. The situation is complex in that the Arab world is as dived as those on the other side. One land-two people desiring status as the rightful owners. When has any scenario resembling this, never lone one that is aeons old, been peacefully resolved? There are strident voices on both sides, meaning that any moderate discussion is consigned to the failure bin 2) Kim Dotcom is about to drop a so-called 'bombshell,' five days before the general election in New Zealand late in September. He says that he is going to 'show up the PM as a liar as to the latter's position re knowing about details of KDC's entry into NZ. What is so different about such an announcement? Most NZers already accept that there has been some skulduggery re the whole affair and most if us are totally bored by the continual coverage that KDC achieves in the news. Of course on Facebook, there are many who play up to KDC, which is exactly what the big nan wants. Staying the limelight is what he thrives on; a state that allows him to pull the puppet strings, where his fledgling alliance consisting of the Mana Party and his Internet Party gains a foothold in the polls. That he has managed to retain the loyalty of Laila, the 'official' leader of his party, is causing some to laugh and others to ponder, given the high esteem a section of NZ voters hold for her. Are we just going to shrug our shoulders on the 'day of reckoning, and say---WTF was that about? 3) Once again the drug 'P' (Methamphetamine)has destroyed the career of a prominent Kiwi. This time a lawyer has in deep trouble over his use of this insidious drug. His job has gone and n o doubt his private life is in disarray. P reaches into all sectors of society, carving away hope and replacing it with a dark and sad future for anyone choosing to partake of its evil hold. 'P' has victims, users and those close to them in every town and city in New Zealand. Yes, we hear that a 'P-lab' has been busted on a regular basis, but for every one that is closed down (if it hasn't self-destructed in an explosion)another pops its ugly head up, seeking more victims and descrying more lives. Even our schools are not exempt. Read about my take on how a family is affected by the father's use of 'P' in my book, ROSKILL, and you can download the hard copy or the EBook from my website---- www.authorneilcoleman.com Please send me feedback and if you can---write a review on Amazon. Don't forget, if you buy the hard copy, you get a free download of the EBook. 4) I have done the washing, walked Perdy earlier on, visited my wonderful digital advisor and had lunch. What now---another walk of course!

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