Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Methamphetamine (Ice) is becoming a problem in the UK.

It is not entirely clear why the drug, methamphetamine (Ice or Chrystal Meth)has not been as prevalent as it has been in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.t seems that other drugs are more popular, including Crack and the old favourite, marijuana and other synthetic choices. Of course alcohol wrecks havoc as anyone going out at night knows and the rest of us observe through our TV's as the Brits 'enjoy' themselves on the streets, way into the early hours of the morning. I guess you can thank the plethora of CCTVs for that ugly exposition. The police ate becoming concerned at the relatively 'new boy on the block' and the increase in the 'labs' that cook the product and then the 'chain of supply' takes over; gangs and other criminals playing their part in bring the Brits what they 'really really want.' I guess they want to 'Spice' up their lives. I invite the land of my forefathers to look at what has happened in New Zealand where Ice, or as we call it, 'P' has wrecked and ruined the lives of countless families, destroyed lives, jobs, businesses and relationships. The homes where 'P-Labs' were used to 'cook' the evil substance can become uninhabitable; that is if the 'cooks' don't blow themselves up first! The chemicals involved make the houses a dangerous place for the inhabitants and those 'coming after,' to live. What is even worse, sometimes, young children live side by side with these chemicals, endangering them---they don't get a choice about where they live and what their excuses for parents do to make a living.' Hey, UK--take a leaf from New Zealand and Aussie---look at what has happened here. Better still---- read my book, ROSKILL. It tells the story of what happens when a father enters the dark world of 'P' and how he puts his family at risk. Go to my website and either download the EBook or buy the hard copy. If you do the latter, you get a free EBook download.

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