Wednesday, July 16, 2014

China--now the biggest market for red wine in the world ----and South East Asia is fast catching up---great!

Hey China and SEA---NZ is willing and able to seel you some damn good red wine---try our whites as well. Drink it with our really good seafood and lamb, beef and other wonderful NZ fresh products. yes, we are vintners and farmers to the world, so it might as well be you who buy our produce. OH---don't forget our very safe dairy products. That bad publicity was just a blip and you just know our food is the best in the world, for quality, standards and safety. BUY NZ! BUT---do not be offended if we prevent you from buying our farms. After all--we can not buy them in China. Fairs fair eh! You can of course buy my books from my website!

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