Monday, July 14, 2014

Anglican Chuch begins to reflect societyy as it is! About time---Hello Catholics!

It has to be said that the Anglican Church (or Church of England to some)has finally started to reflect modern day society, in its acceptance (in England) of the right for women to be Bishops. No, not the self-appointed one we see in NZ re the Destiny Church, but one sanctioned by the hierarchy of the church in England. I feel I can comment on this as it was the Anglican Church of my childhood that sanctioned my early spiritual being. OK, by my early teens I had tuned my back on the said church--all of them for that matter and I have not returned to the Christian faith of any form, certainly not some of the modern day 'fundamentalist or others who would take it upon themselves to judge in ways never intended by the 'original documents.' It is arson the interpretation of the 'book' that turned me away. It has so often been used to discriminate, to 'unlove,' and to conquer inhabitants of lands far flung, although the real reasoning behind such 'conquests,' go far beyond any spiritual base; it was more about greed and the control of resources. Now that the Church in England has made this historic shift and possibly next moving on the ordination of clergy who are gay, one begins to think that if my need to 'have faith,' grew, it could well be back to the church in its new form from my past. Of course the Anglican church in NZ makes it's own rules on the above matters and those usually mirror those of Mother England. Therein of course there is a possibility of division as we have seen in other faiths, be it re gay issues or the control of 'who would be clergy, at all levels. I wonder if the Catholic 'empire' would also ever move on some of these basic tenants, but given that that faith is increasing in numbers, I suspect that any move that even comes close to resembling those made by the Anglicans, is just a step too far! Even the new Pope, who has made some quite radical changes, is not free to pursue such an open direction. The cloisters of the Vatican are indeed more shadowy than the lighter halls of power that rule the Anglican church. That is for that august body to find its own direction to travel. In the meantime, I wish Anglicans well and just maybe---one day I shall take another look, but---time is running out!`

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