Monday, July 14, 2014

Snippets from NZ on the day after the fog!

The sun is shining in Auckland. I had almost forgotten that vision of loveliness, given the storms, rain and fog of recent days. I feel empowered to make a few comments on what is making the news. 1) The big German guy is in the headlines again, this time in relation to the granting of his residency into NZ. KIM Dotcom as he is named has been the centre of a good deal of discussion here, and with his 'ghost leadership of a new political party, one that many say is just a tactic to pressure the Government to stop the nasty Americans from 'extracting' him to face criminal charges in the USA. His marriage of political co0nvenince with another party is contributing all sorts of intrigue into the upcoming elections. Time will tell if NZers get on-board his wagon or see it in another more sinister manner. 2) An American is trying to claim 'territory as a new kingdom for his princess daughter in Africa. It is on the border between Egypt and Sudan. Great choice mate and I am sure your lovely princess will thank you for such a magnanimous gesture on her behalf. Enjoy the sand and the terrorists! I bet they are rolling out the welcome map for this latter day saintly hiccup from the European colonial past! 3) The Israelis and Hamas have been 'asked to observe a ceasefire' in the terrible debacle that is Palestine/Israel. Nothing is going to change in this area because those who could make the changes are so divided amongst themselves. Until the UN speaks with one voice; one that could pressure the participants in the struggle of two people who inhabit this land, to share in its bounty. Unless this happens, we are doomed to witness the occasional outbreak of peace. In the meantime, children and the 'less powerful' continue to die at the hands of overwhelmingly violent actions. Is this about religion, power, greed or other more sinister forcers? 4) New Zealand's professional litigant' is now about to take our Prime Minister to the Auckland District Court. This is just one of many swipes this guy takes at various figures in NZ. Whilst his attempts are seen by some as his democratic right, others see him as a wasted space. Are we going to see a NZ version of the events overseas, whereby an election is held and for whatever reason, others do not accept the results. OK, we do not have the 'corruption' of the electoral process on the scale we see elsewhere or the massive crowds filling the streets as their candidate fails to win through the ballot boxes. At most in NZ, it is the 'non-participation' of a significant number of voters that allows incumbents to win elections and to those people I say---STFU or vote! You can work out the meaning! 5)My Jack Russell has slept for 9 hours straight since her massive exercises of yesterday and she has the appearance of a wound up spring, thus the need for me to invite her for a walk in her favourite place--Onehunga Bay. Check us out on Facebook. 'Dog Lovers of Onehunga Bay.'

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