Sunday, July 13, 2014

No news today from New Zealand because ----

Yes, it has finally happened. I have NO NEWS from New Zealand. Middle Earth has been hidden from view because of fog that will just not go away. The grey monster has descended and Mother Nature has connived with mystical forces to keep Auckland shrouded in a mysterious gluggy and almost wet cloying cloud. God knows what will emerge from the surrounding twin primordial oceans that Auckland sits between; maybe beasts from a time long gone. I have given up on observing the headlines this morning and coming to any conclusions other than---'hey Perdy, wanna come with me to the doctors?' well not actually into the surgery, but outside in the car and then we can have some adventures in the fog, pretending that we are exploring foreign and dangerous regions of a 'parallel' universe. That folks, is what it looked like down at Mission Bay! The sea was placid, grey and all sorts of fantastical life forms could have been laying in wait, had Perdy ventured far from shore. The island we both love to look at, over the harbour was nowhere to be seen. None of this bothered my girl though as she pranced in the shallows and chased her 'precious' orange ball. No---after the good news from my doctor that I only have a 15% chance of a 'heart episode' in the next 5 years and that my blood pressure is totally healthy---well---who needs any other news! Thankyou, Bariatric Surgery!

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