Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kim Dotcom affair has shown us that 'we have been spied on,' but is that actually new and should it----

New Zealand is going to the polls in September. We have been assailed by much information re the KDC affair and although this has brought some extremely important issues to the fore, re our personal freedom and the discussion about just how much should we as citizens be spied upon by our own Government services, one does wonder if the 'discussion' is taking the focus off what affect far more NZers---the state of the nation and how we share in the nations wealth. It takes away from the discussion re the plight of workers, who are paid at rates that make living in Auckland and other larger cities, an impossible task; moving elsewhere is equally not possible because of successive government policies or lack of them re developing the regions. That Labour, the Greens and NZF have started to make some sensible 'noise' re this issue, may well be consigned to the back room, as KDC and the furore he has instigated takes main stage, is worrying for the future of a large section of the NZ labour force. I am not saying that the saga needs to be left in the background, totally, but I resent the focus and how it is not contributing to the bettering of the lives of many hundreds of thousands of hard-working NZers. We are privileged in this country in that we can have these 'discussions,' relatively openly, despite sections of the media showing a bias towards the policies of the government and 'big money,' but in the light of day, it is how many people are struggling that should take precedence over the stage show as enacted by KDC and his puppets. Yes, I do appreacite that that debate needs to happen, but please let us have 'balance' about what also matters in NZ. We need a fairer Government and one that will take us forward to a time where 'more' share in the wealth of this nation. That a wealthy and possibly questionable character in the form of KDC purports to be the champion of the 'left' leaves me wondering as to how so many 'followers' have jumped on the band wagon of his glittering, 'it's all a about, me'---- side-show.'

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