Thursday, July 24, 2014

India, Kazakhstan and Indonesia have featured on my list this week, along with the usual favourites.

At the end of last week I thought I would try something different to reach out to my readers; in other words, I wanted to increase my readership. I used the Google Ads service , with a very small daily budget. When In say small, what I really mean is miniscule---NZ$2 a day. massive eh! I was not expecting very much to happen, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The number of hits on my combined blog/website went up about 30%. Not only the numbers, but also the countries reading 'me' has been more widespread, with some quite diverse results. Sure the USA also went way up and Russia returned to the fold. I have always wondered about the later, thinking that it was either Russian women hitting me up (I can hear some of you laughing---shame on you!)or Putin's cronies reading all my insulting comments about his 'glorious rule.' OK, so I won't be dinning at the Kremlin any time soon. Damn, that has always been on my bucket list. What interest me most, is the emergence of India, Kazakhstan and Indonesia. You are moist welcome. I would love to see some 'comments' form you all---give me some feedback. Disagree with me, criticise me--hell lots of people don that on my Facebook link and I often move my 'position' on various subjects as a result. I would hate to stay in 'one place' re my thinking on many subjects. Knowledge and opinions are stances that need to be challenged. If more people stood up and had their say, perhaps we would not be led by the tyrants and idiots who purport to 'know everything,' but really only wish to retain power and control over us. 'Commenting' and talking to me also increases my knowledge of what life is like in your countries. I yearn to 'know more about you.' So welcome everybody to 'my world' and let me know yours. ----Nice to see you back---Ukraine. We are all thinking of you ion this time when the world is going crazy! Palestine--you too have started to read my blogs. Rest assured that many in N Z 'feel' for you as your children and innocent citizens try to live in such terrible conditions, unable to escape from the bombs raining down on you. It would help of course if Hamas and Israel both stopped the carnage, but it is you who have less choice about where to 'hide.'

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