Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Brazil is not singing 'Don't cry for me----

What the hell happened today in Brazil? How could one of the world's greatest soccer playing nations fall to such depths? Did the 'occasion' get the better of them? Was their passion something that worked against them? These questions will be the focus of the national psyche of Brazil for years to come. I just hope that they keep things in perspective. Please keep the game 'beautiful' Brazil and do not let this be a time when things go from bad to worse for you. Now is the time to look at the wider position of people in your country. Had you won the tournament, that question still needed to be answered. Without a doubt, you are a giant that has awakened on the world stage. Let us remember this time as one of celebration for the spirit of 'football' as most people call the game. Let us not remember a crazy response from your countrymen and women. You were beaten on the day by a clinically perfect team and now is the time to move on. Enjoy the 'final that you did not make' and look forward to the Olympics where no doubt, you will shine again. Go well, Brazil! www.authorneilcoleman.com

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