Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Israel and Gaza shoot at each other--Will it will ever end!?

I know the historical background to the situation in Palestine/Israel. Depending on your own take, you may favour one side over the other. It doesn't matter how you see it--because unless both sides agree to talk and seek a solution, then the region is doomed to permanent warfare with the odd 'outbreak or peace.' The European 'Great Powers' of yesteryear set up the present impossible situation and events in Europe spurred the Jewish people to seek a 'final solution 'of their own making; one in which they would never again suffer at the hands of 'persecutors.' That these events happened is an absolute truth and any rewriting of history cannot change that. However the people who lived on Palestine before the 'return' of the Jewish people and the establishment of the state of Israel, have been left out of the equation. They have been ripped form their homes and lost their land, leaving them to cope with their own 'diaspora,' for those at least who could leave and settle elsewhere. Many remain in the region, in refugee camps or at best in enclaves that are permanent cauldrons of discontent. Is it any wonder that extremist groups would arise--to attempt to take back what they have lost? If a 'people' have no home, they must seek one! That is the basis of the 'unpeace' of this region. Now we have the regular spectre of one side shooting rockets at the other, while the ones across the 'fence' attack with massive military might. The region is one ion which an impossible feud plays itself out on a daily basis, sometimes elevating itself to open warfare. THERE ARE NO WINNERS apart from those profiting from the sales of arms to both sides! A settlement will have to be imposed from the 'outside,' but that brings about a debate that brings into question the very existence of the one body that could help to find a solution---the UN. Will that happen? NO--because that too is a snake pit of competing political divisions. So in the meantime, children in Gaza, Tel Aviv get killed and maimed. The West Bank continues to be a pseudo state and Israelis face the prospect of being on a permanent war-footing. Is it any wonder that people turn to the extremes of religious bigotry. Is that after all, a lot easier to understand----someone else doing your thinking for you!? www.authorneilcoleman.com

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