Friday, June 6, 2014

Bring back the 'old-school skills.'

It is so good to know that we still have 'old school' tradesmen around; you know the ones, the guys (and some girls) who came up the hard way; they learned their skills by 'doing it' and then doing it some more. They probably had to find left-handed spanners. (OK, I just know I got that wrong, but hey---I'm old school but not a tradesman!)
I am blessed to have a neighbour who fills this description. He is the guy who is building my office so that I can work from home in the future and a little bit now as I build up a clientele of supervisees.
He has planed this office in a meticulous manner and then as if by magic, I come home each day to 'progress.'
Today I took Perdy to Orewa, a long stretch of Mediterranean-like beach north of Auckland, where she ran and played ball and then joined us for breakfast at a beachside cafĂ©. When I arrived home, I admired the  now completely built-in office. The steps and lovely 'French Doors' were in place. It has a  'look' that is so much better than the one I was contemplating renting or buying at a ridiculous price. I know mine is well built and incredibly well lined and insulated. I just can't wait for my mate, Doug to administer the 'blessing ceremony.' I can tell you a little secret--it will be a very ancient one; that transcends anything 'others' would do!  Take a look at the doors, friends.
'Old-school skills.'

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