Monday, May 26, 2014

Steal it, we will 'get it' and then use it to get ya!

It seems that the New Zealand police are using the proceeds of crime to turn the tables on the crooks who make our lives miserable. Whenever they take the ‘winnings’ of criminals away, often from the dealings around the drug trade, the police use that to go after the same criminals and their associates to further dent their ‘activities.’ They should also use that money, and it is a lot, to help those who have been hurt by criminal activity, even helping those miscreants to return to the real world and away from the ‘twilight one.’
What better use of the money returned to the taxpayer than stopping the criminals and to help victims, especially those who have been the ‘prey’ of drug lords? This should keep happening and --- so that the message gets out there that the ‘long arm of the law’ is also one that takes back what you have stolen and then turns that ‘resource against your insidious activities.
Restorative Justice is a good concept, but this practical version of it, one that is not ‘voluntary,’ may well be more effective. So NZ Police, play that Robin Hood game with a twist, if it helps to restore some balance to our world. Don’t tell john Key though, or he will insist you make a profit!

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