Sunday, May 25, 2014

If Rome was built in seven days, then my new office is n ot far behind!

The floor frame is down!
Yeah, I know that is probably not the correct description from a 'builder's' point of view, but that's OK because it is real progress and I will need to start advertising for a few more clients to help pay it off. At this rate I shall expect to be having my opening party very soon/ Hell, this is bigger than my office at work. Maybe they should employ my neighbour to build a few there, cause I'm damn sure it's cheaper than what the Ministry pays their contractors! Once its done---then the decorating and furnishing. I can save $30 a month too, because I buggered if I need to get the lawn man in any more---there will be no lawn once I put down the white stones and water feature. As Miranda's Mum said---'such fun, such fun,' while Miranda puled faces in the background.

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