Monday, May 26, 2014

The Mana Party and Internet Party merge---Sue Bradford takes a stand!~

Is it a comical or satirical statement or just a bit of political convenience; a marriage that is doomed to failure because the participant probably don’t like one another. One of the bridesmaids, Sue Bradford, ran from the alter, rather than go through such an obvious charade. Perhaps she is the only honest member of the ‘proposal.’ I wonder what John Mino is feeling as he muses upon the direction of this new ‘Party.’
Politics does throw up strange alliances; just look at the National party/Maori Party ‘arrangement;’ ‘one that will possibly doom the latter to political oblivion. Does integrity always have to be sacrificed in the name of political expediency? I am sure that Sue can hold her head up high as she looks back at the destruction of a party she once held high in her thoughts.
How can a party be managed in parliament by a puppet master from the outside. OK, some would say that the National Party and Labour have their masters too, but things are not so simple these days. Kim Dotcom will cast a shadow across the caucus room, if the unification of ‘unalike’ get to place their feet under the desks of that sanctified establishment we call Parliament. He may even have to achieve that feat from afar, if the USA gets its way re the pending moves to have him removed from his new kingdom. What a fiasco. It leaves Alice in Wonderland looking like a true history of the funny creatures who inhabit its pages. Oh well. I guess it also brings a whole new meaning to our claim to be ‘Middle- Earth.’ I leave you to designate who the various players in the new party most resemble. Election 2014 is shaping up to be a most memorable one!

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