Thursday, May 15, 2014

National takes a leaf out of Labour's policy book.

It's election year. Why do we known that, apart for the obvious? For starters we have the prospect of a cynical National Party; you know the one that was not going to move on policies around 'paid parental leave', or for lowering doctors fees for young people---yes they have announced changes that go some way to addressing these important issues.
The question has to be asked---would they have moved at all if Labour had not come out with policies that actually go much further re the health of our kids and supporting families? Maybe their research indicated that Labour's policies were gaining some traction amongst the voters; because all their utterances from the past would point us in the direction of the thrust for the rest of the budget---that is to give payoffs to their mates in the top 30% of the electorate.
Any move however in the two examples I have given is welcome, but take the news with a little bit of bemusement and expect more of the same. In the meantime Labour, keep the policies coming and at least influence NZ politics for the betterment of all New Zealanders and act as if you really are the Government in waiting and not some fractionated group of wannabes. So far, so good. Keep those policies coming and if National wants to steal some of them--well that's just a sign that you are getting under their skin.

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