Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Turkey mine disaster: PM says 'accidents happen'

Many people in Turkey would be feeling more than a little angry on hearing their PM, Erdogan, saying that Accidents happen.’ When one has just lost a loved one, that is an extremely callous and insensitive statement to hear. Sure he was defending the Government’s lack of action re the safety in mines in Turkey, but to utter such words in a time of national grieving, indicates a man divorced from feeling and reality.
There is no doubt that the PM is popular with many of the voters in Turkey but perhaps power has gone to his head, as happens in so many cases with leaders who have been at the helm for too long. Those countries like the USA and Indonesia, who have finite terms for their leaders to hold the top job can maybe avoid the excesses that we have witnessed in both Turkey and Russia of late.
People will let the PM of Turkey know their feelings and he of course will respond in the manner we have unfortunately seen over the years—an increasingly ugly fall into the abuse of despotism. I am sure the people of Turkey will awake soon as to the true intentions of their PM!

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