Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ataturk's vision and Kamalsim are in danger through the actions of the present PM.

The vision Ataturk had for a secular modern democratic nation that is Turkey is increasingly under attack by the present Turkish leader. The terrible tragedy in the mine and the huge loss of life is an example of the modern state ignoring basic human rights. Ataturk liberated women from long-held beliefs and improved the lot of many Turkish workers and peasants, but the lack of regulations on the 'private' owners of the mines' and their woeful safety standards is an example of how the present leadership is hell bound on returning Turkey to something resembling a 'clerical' state. The rights of women, workers and those opposing the government are being trodden on.
One only has to look back at the last 6 months top see this process in action. The arrogance of the leader is readily observable through his response to criticism of him in social media and his attempts to close much of that down.
His inaction re the safety in the mines and his media purge mirror the  direction his neighbour, Russia is taking. Whether this blog can still be seen is a moot point, for now, perhaps. but very soon, given the direction he is taking Turkey---well time will tell. Turkey is indeed at a modern day cross road.

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