Thursday, May 22, 2014

Australia needs a 'level head' leading at the moment!

There are many issues facing the leadership and people of Australia at the moment, including the economy and illegal entry by various groups of people. No one doubts the seriousness of the latter problem and country with such a massive coastline the issue is daunting. It is a problem that is not Australia’s alone as its northern neighbour, Indonesia, also has to deal with the dame issue, but with far less resources.
It is going to be very difficult for Australia to deal with both issues if its present PM continues down the same arrogant and insensitive pathway he has exhibited so far. It is time for a broad-based approach to Australia’s future and time for a recognition that leadership is not merely about showmanship and personalities. Australia needs a leader who can unite and for the past few years that has not been the case. That ‘special quality’ is lacking and it will not be ‘discovered’ while factional infighting occurs on the scale we have witnessed of late. Perhaps Labor’s loss in the last election will have ‘honed’ the lesson for that party, but there must be many in the ‘Coalition’ who are wondering what they have let themselves in for now that they are witnessing the ‘witless’ response of their leader. I wonder if he feels an itch in is back!
Australia deserves so much more and must strive to achieve the right balance if it wishes to be portrayed as a major nation on the world stage.

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