Thursday, May 22, 2014

Abbott, you insensitive, cynical and poor excuse for a leader!

Tony Abbott, the new PM of Australia showed us his true colours the other day when he exhibited a crass and poorly judged ‘wink,’ possibly knowing the camera was on him. He was speaking on radio talk back to a ‘retiree,’ who was having difficulty making ends meet and subsequently was working on an adult sex-line. When asked a question while on air, he did that now notorious ‘wink’ earning him a place in history as yet another ‘gate’ affair, meaning in this case---‘winkgate.’ He seriously misjudged any potential reaction to his response and to make matters worse, yesterday he came out with what can only be described as an even more cynical response---he compounded his position by saying that he had learned from the mistake and wouldn’t be making the same mistake today. Not his exact words, but certainly a portent of what we can expect from him in the future.
Coming on the back of his budget and the fact that he has made one of the biggest nose-dives’ in the polls in recent years, he is indeed lacking a political brain, never lone a speck of genuine contrition. His arrogance will be remembered and I very much doubt he will survive long before the knives come out, within his own party.
Oh well, such is the nature of politics!

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