Sunday, April 27, 2014

Len Brown, the good Brown---thanks for pushing the rail for Auckland!

Yesterday Auckland had a red letter day as the first of the 57 new electric trains were rolled out fore the public to 'assess' and it was happiness all round, especially as the occasion was free. Even the food was there for those feeling a little peckish. Mayor, Len Brown was in an ebullient as he saw a chance to push for yet more for the ever suffering public of Auckland and the crowded streets. her was an opportunity to push for an earlier start to the 'loop,' a grandeur pie-in -the -sky' from the Government's perspective, especially The 'other Brown;' the one in Cabinet who doesn't really give a toss for Auckland their silly train dreams. That attitude may come at a cost as Aucklanders take to the trains in their thousands. They will ask the obvious question: 'Why stop there?' Yes, it is time to finish the overall plan supported by Mayor Brown and most Aucklanders; not just the loop but the rail to the airport and around the eastern suburbs. You ignore Aucklanders at your plight Mr other Brown. Listen to your namesake--you know the one.
Mayor Len Brown on the train this morning.  Auckland's new electric trains were launched this morning at Britomart.  Short trips are running between Britomart and Newmarket for balloted members of the Good on you Len! Love the new trains.


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