Saturday, March 8, 2014

Prepay power--rips off those who can least afford it---National does not care!

The National Party  makes a great deal out of it's big 'sell-off'' off of State assets and the much vaunted profit making model. It claims that this is the way to go and the 'market will rule' and deliver the best possible services for the consumers. What a lot of 'trickle-down' bull! The report on the news tonight about people being sucked into prepay electricity payment methods  being charged up to 60% above the normal retail price leaves me angry and frustrated for those who can least afford it. Have we not heard the Government crying out for ages about how much better we will be off under their enlightened policies? That may be true if you are rich, friends of the Government of shareholders on the companies they have sold off. If you are struggling to make ends meet, then different rules apply; ones that are totally against what we as NZers once held to be true---'a fair go for anyone prepared to help themselves.' What is fair about this? Where have we gone as a nation if we allow this terrible policy to continue. There is only one way to resolve this----get rid of this Government and help to restore a sense of balance and fairness.
Don't tell me that the people chose to go on this insidious scheme. They were led to believe that they would have control over their bills and that it would be better for them----rubbish and lies! The poor always have less choice, less opportunity for many reasons, but they should never be blatantly ripped off in the manner we are witnessing. Shame on the Government and those who support this  disgusting practice. Labour and the Greens need to let us know more about their plan to regulate the energy industry and they need to do it quickly. That is what we want to hear about them, not the silly sniping we have seen on other issues that quite frankly mean nothing. Get stuck into these real issues, Labour and the Greens. Let's hear from Winston too but please, National, shut up about your stupid   anti-New Zealand trickle down, selling  the State assets theories. They do not belong in our beautiful country.

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