Saturday, March 8, 2014

Elections don't seem to mean very much in many countries!

How often have we seen the run-up to elections in various countries around the world, where different opposition parties decide to boycott the up-coming event. In some cases that is because they know that the elections will be flawed, unfair, dishonest or quite frankly a total farce. You can work out for yourselves which countries have figured highly in  the news over the last few years.
Not all countries or to put it even more strongly, few countries have clear and transparent election processes. Even in so-called 'democracies,' some sectors of society have had better access to media outlets or have control over other aspects of the election process.
If one observes the news reports on a daily basis,  the cycle of electoral abuse seems to rampant. One party wins then the losers get out on the streets in order to overturn the results. The resulting violence and clampdown takes countries to and beyond the brink of war. Am I correct is stating that my observances are more common than they were in the past? Is it that with the advent of social media that 'getting people on to the streets,' is much easier now. The 'flash-mob' phenomenon has replaced what some cynical politicians once labelled the 'rent-a-mob,' movement, a label that could be attached to all sides of the political spectrum.
There is going to be a referendum in the Crimea in the next few weeks. One can be sure that it will not be an 'above the board,' transparent exercise. The Russian authorities along with their pre-placed cronies will be influencing the result and making it difficult for those groups apposed to their imminent take over of the Crimea form taking part in any real of fair process. Yes, we all know that the Crimea is dominating by Russian speakers and those leaning towards a reunion with the Mother Russia. There is no need for the heavy handed, masked thugs who are and will continue to intimate ethnic minorities and anyone they perceive to be a block to their political and somewhat criminal ambitions. They will attempt the same in Eastern Ukraine in an effort bring about Putin's larger plan---the re establishment of the Russian Empire. If course, they are little different in that respect from other big power brokers in the West, who also use methods to block the real desires of large groups of people who wish for self-determination. Russia just seems to be the 'bad boy on the block' at the moment. It seems also that nothing has changed over the centuries because politics is just a convenient descriptor for 'greed and ambition, no matter what the label.

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