Monday, March 3, 2014

How to take over a country if you don't want total war----Russian style.'

Russia won't need to invade eastern Ukraine or do very much more in the Crimea; it has already done what it needed to do to achieve its aim of returning this 'briefly independent' region to the 'old Soviet fold.'
For years now Russia has been 'Russianizing' the above area with ====Russians of course, to the point that Russians are now the majority or very near to it. All that is needed is a 'crisis,' threatening to destabilize or endanger Russian speaking 'citizens.' Of course such actions have been perpetrated for centuries, not just by the Russians. Hell the Americans are not above such political stances. China too can lay claim to 'massaging' the makeup of local populations in its more far flung regions----Tibet ring a bell? OK, fess up time. New Zealand's history is not without its version of 'protective intervention!'
Yes, there will be a 'referendum or a plebiscite, but we can be pretty sure that full participation and the final result will not necessarily represent the truth or unfettered freedom of choice. Who is going to piss off Uncle Putin?! Oh, RT (Russian TV) will faithfully present the 'progress' of the great Russian liberation of Crimea and the Ukraine as the troops pass by flower-throwing crowds, much like Hitler's armies did in another time, not so terribly long ago.

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