Monday, March 3, 2014

Putin---Do we really know him?

Without a doubt there is much to learn about Putin, the new tsar of Russia.
He is:
       Enigmatic and passionate about his country.
       He is an oligarch I every sense of the word.
       He does not trust the West.
       He is enmeshed in the of Cold War mentality.
       He has no intention of giving up power.
       He manipulates the press, politics on order to maintain his position.
       He wants to restore Russia to then position that it held under the Soviet Regime, minus possibly the Islamic Caliphate in the South of the country.
       He uses fear tactics to silence all opposition to his ‘cause.’
       He believes he ‘is Russia,’ and that most Russians love him. He may be correct!
      He deeply resents the USA but sees the EU as periphery to his goals in the expanded Euro region.
      He has no intention of backing down over the Crimea and ultimately Ukraine.
      He will not be the first to ‘blink’ in this game of brinkmanship.
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