Sunday, March 9, 2014

Election 2014 (part 3) Now we know it is in September.

OK, we have a date. The PM ha announced that September is the time because it will gel in nicely re the G20 meeting that is going to be held soon after and if NZ is going to reap some benefit from that, we need the election over and done with so that the PM, whoever it is (is he giving up?) will be up and running.
OK, let the campaign begin and lets identify what the real issues are. We don't need the sideshows and personality issues but we all know that this is what we will get. National is well ahead in the polls and Labour and the Greens have a huge job ahead of them if they wish to make inroads into that lead. They will not do so if they concentrate on 'who went to China and endorsed milk!' Get real and tell us about, education (Charter schools and real moves to increase the achievement of Maori and Pacifica children, not massaged figures about imaginary successes). Tell us what your plans are for health, for building up NZ enterprises so that jobs are created for NZers. Restore the R and D budget from the State to encourage the real creation of jobs. Look to enhancing life and opportunity in the regions, so that Auckland is not top heavy.
Forget about the wannabe parties. They do not have a future. I put KDC and his party in that category along with the Conservative party; the one led by the 'I'll sue your pants off,' bloke.' Neither of these two parties will do much to improve life for NZers, but in the spirit of true democracy, I am the last to try to suggest that they should not stand--I'm just saying that they are a 'wasted space.'
We are not like the 'Dear Leader' country where there is no choice, but it would be great if NZers actually got out and voted--we must participate in the process of electing a Government, because we believe that being heard is up to us. Staying 'silent' by not voting is turning your back on our country.
Let the great debate begin and after the results are in, how about we accept the results, knowing that we conduct elections in NZ that are for the most part---fair and not tainted by corrupt officials in the pay of megalomaniac leaders. We do not need to 'hit the streets' because the election has been stolen. That can only happen if we let it!

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